Linguistic Culturology


What is Linguistic Culturology?

Linguistic Culturology is a contemporary scholarly field integrating linguistics and the study of culture. Its history began in the first half of the 19th century with the works of the German linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt and continued with the consequent birth and development in Europe, the U.S.A. and other parts of the world of linguistic anthropology, semiotics, cultural studies, axiological linguistics, cognitive linguistics and other related fields.

Following the recent ongoing intensive research into many of the fundamental aspects of the complex relationship between language and culture, especially in Russia, the main object of study of linguistic culturology as a discipline in its own right has already come to be defined with sufficient clarity, particularly with regard to explicating culture in phrases, proverbs and other linguistic units. However, there is still a lot more to explore, both in terms of applying the already existing approaches to structural levels of language other than that of the word, phrase and proverb (paremia) as well as of suggesting and developing other original approaches for studying the cultural meanings of more extensive corpora of linguistic units and larger texts.

What is the aim of this website?

The aim of the website in Linguistic Culturology ( at the University of Rousse, Bulgaria, is to be an open forum for those researchers and educators who are willing to present and discuss with like-minded people their work on various aspects of the language and culture integral.

What languages can writers use?

On this website writers are invited to publish electronically their work in Bulgarian, Russian and/or English.

What are the expected outcomes of the ongoing scholarly discussion?

The open discussion will deepen and enhance the general awareness of language and culture as the best vehicles for storing and transmitting across millennia the basic truths about the human being.

How can you become a member?

Membership is on an ongoing basis and is attained by submitting a scholarly work that gets e-published.

How can writers get their works e-published?

Articles should be sent for reviewing as attached files to Associate Professor Dr. Roussi Roussev ( and/or to Associate Profesor Dr. Roumyana Petrova (

What style/citation standard requirements should be followed?

Please follow the MLA or any other nationally or internationally accepted scholarly standard.

Copyright Warning!

Prior to quoting any part of the texts published on this website writers should obtain the permission of their authors (the e-mail addresses can be found at the end of each article). 
Failure to do this will result in discrediting the writer and removing him/her from the membership list.

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